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Parking Illusion

The commercial street in the two above images was first developed over 100 years ago to serve surrounding farms. Notice the business parking areas highlighted in yellow in the lower image. Anyone familiar with retail parking needs in the United States would conclude that there was more than sufficient spaces available for potential customers. Given that many customers walk from the adjacant residential neighborhood, this sufficiency would appear certain. They would be wrong. The parking adequacy is an illusion.

Unintended Consequences

In the 1950s parking requirements for new businesses were established in San Jose. The impact on subsequent redevelopment along "The Avenue" was substantial. value became differentiated by parking. The fortunate were those with sufficient undeveloped land to create new surface parking. The unfortunate those with little surplus land to provide the now required parking for new businesses. Others with sufficient funds to buy nearby property would tear down the existing buildings and create new parking.

Some of the solidly built 50 to 100 year old structures along the street began to disappear. Suburban style structures responding to the new parking requirements began to appear. Only in recent years, with new found appreciation for the value of a walkable street, did new businesses, where able, attempt to bring back traditional amenities.