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Cañada del Oro TrailThere is both the natural and human environment and the environment that results from the interaction between them. Changes in any of these environments can have positive or negative effects.

On the one hand, we have trends which portend environmental disaster in the not too distant future. On the other, affirmative changes in development policy can result in a society in a mutually beneficial relationship with nature.

Society has the means to change the ways it does things. There are ways to develop our economies and improve human lives without destroying or eroding the environment in which we live. We even have the ability to improve, not just preserve, the natural environment. Trends are not written in stone.

Bad air in Silicon valley
Rare bad air day in Silicon Valley. Normal air clarity due to pollution regulations.

Given 200 years time, it is entirely possible that changes in policies and actions taken can result in positive outcomes. Trends can be altered or even reversed. Human beings have the ability to change the environment in a manner beneficial to all.

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