This website includes interests of a lifetime - ranging across nature, outer space, cities and places arising from the imagination. Auxiliary websites flow from the 'portal elsewhere'.




Note: The year at the bottom of each webpage is the year the page was originally created. Minor modifications or updates will not trigger a change. A complete page redesign, such as is occuring with this website will merit a new year.



About Me

I am a retired urban planner. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California.

Our native oaks are some of my favorite trees, with their massive branches wandering into the sky.

My 'work time' now focuses on subjects of personal interest, some of which have intrigued me since childhood. This website encompasses some of these interests.

Doing the research necessary to prepare the web pages expands my knowledge and understanding of the subjects. It also forces me to acquire new skills like manipulation of digital images and website design - skills which I have only begun to plumb. I am enjoying the process.

The website was originally launched in June 2006. A little over a year later, I completed my third major remodeling. In 2012 I began a complete redesign and update of the website contents.

I hope this latest version in the website's evolution is more readable and straight forward. I have tried to avoid a tendency to preachiness. I may not have entirely succeeded in this latter objective.

Insofar as content is concerned, I will continue to add items as time and enthusiasm permits. Unless I completely lose my enthusiasm for this project, I expect it will continue many years into the future.

Optimistically, some will be positively influenced by the effort.