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New technology and scientific breakthroughs are key to achieving the future envisioned for 2200. Many visions will remain fantasies without this scientific foundation. Some visions will be feasible, but economically impractical without the underlying technology innovation.

Examples of technology breakthroughs necessary to these 2200 visions are found below. The list is by no means exhaustive.


The most realistic solutions to environmental problems are likely to arise from new technologies to (1) eliminate adverse environmental impacts or (2) protect the environment.

Environmental Restoration - Ways to breakdown toxic substances quicker and more thoroughly would facilitate the restoration of lands damaged by human industrial activities. Faster methods to grind up concrete and other construction materials to form soils in which natural flora might thrive.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction - Methods to economically separate greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to enable their precipitation and isolation in forms that would not be detrimental to the world's climate.

Cheap Energy - Find more efficient and less costly methods to generate energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar. Produce cheap energy from essentially inexhaustible and, hopefully, emission free sources such as fusion and antimatter that have an extremely high ratio of energy produced compared to 'fuel' consumed. Cheap and inexhaustible energy is key to achievement of the other technological achievements imagined here.

Energy Storage - Renewable energy sources are frequently most active during time when energy demand is lowest. If we are going to effectively use this energy source, means must be found to economically and efficiently store the generated energy until it is needed.

A current source for environmentally friendly technology is ecotechdaily, offering the latest green technology, gadgets, and news.