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Russian Old BelieverThe world is awash with ideologies, theologies, dogmas and philosophies. Most people and believers do not comprehend the full breadth of beliefs that underly a particular ideology.

For this website, it was thought important to set forth the underlying beliefs which serve as its foundation. They might be called the Visions 2200 Credo - a statement of the beliefs that guided the creation of this website.

A sampling of those beliefs is set forth below. They are arranged in alphabetical order:

Alternatives - The future must not be controlled by one or a few visions of the desirable future. People must have a variety of options which will respond to their individual needs.

Capitalism or Free Enterprise – The best of an imperfect lot of economic systems whose meaning must not translate as ‘crony capitalism’ nor justify the unregulated rape of the natural environment nor the unfettered exploitation of the poorest among us.

Categories – Most of us do not fit easily within the categories into which some wish to divide the people of this world.

Lincoln,EnglandCities - The old and historical can have great value that must not be lost to human society. Regarding new development, quality of planning, design and construction, and responsiveness to human needs, trumps the alternative approaches every time. Strive for an evolving and expanding variety in the built environment, not a merging into some bland sameness.

Democracy - Democracy is a key to success in attaining the visions described herein. It is the tool for asserting and putting into effect humane and environmental values of people not part of the power structure.

God’s Will - The private lives of people should not be governed by a self appointed cadre's view of ‘God’s Will.’