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Solaria and the Solar Union

SolariaThe capital of the solar system should be located on the planet with the greatest concentration of population. On the otherhand, it should be in a progressive region which has not attempted to be earth's overlord. As a relatively new nation, Australia would not carry the cultural and provincial baggage of older civilizations. The Australia envisioned in 2200 would be home for races from throughout the earth, with Asians and Europeans predominating.


A great spaceport just outside the city would connect the city and earth to nations and communities established on natural and artificial bodies throughout the solar system. Subterranean tube trains would link Solaria with other Australian cities and sea ports connecting to the rest of the world. The location, linked to the southern ocean and bordered by hundreds of miles of desert to the west, north and east, would facilitate the city's defence.

BabelnoahSolaria is envisioned as a new city located in the Lake Eyre region of the Australian desert which has been reformed using fusion or another massive energy source. Vast multiuse megastructures would be located on a man-made island surrounded by a miles wide circular canal. Both parks and structures would overlook the circular canal. The circular canal would be connected to the ocean by a deep channel. This channel would cut through the desert landscape between the city and the Spencer Gulf and be open to ocean going ships. The outside ring of the city would consist of structures climbing the geoengineered mountain slopes and cliffs which surround the circular canal.