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Wilderness Formation

High Sierra from Sequoia The creation of wilderness of adequate size and incorporating a sufficient variety of natural environments will not be easy. Existing wilderness is under threat throughout the world.

Where and how do we locate these envisioned wildernesses? What are the obstacles? Can land ravaged by man be restored to a wilderness environment? What do we need to do to maximize the probability of success?

What follow are some thoughts on these issues.


Each wilderness will be large enough to enable all wild inhabitants (with emphasis on megafauna) to thrive and evolve in a natural fashion.  They will be connected by corridors that minimize the potential of future extinctions associated with too small, isolated 'islands' of wilderness.

The envisioned wilderness will coexist harmoniously with lands where the human imprint is strong. These wilderness lands will provide contact with nature. They will help ensure the survival of endangered species. They will restore the richness of the natural environment that existed prior to the local extinction of so many key species. Lastly, for a future space faring humanity in our envisioned 2200, they will provide ecological foundations for a variety of environments on other worlds.

Wilderness Design - Significant Factors